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MDA | Canadarm3 | Lunar Gateway

MDA | Canadarm3 | Lunar Gateway

MDA Canadarm3 Value Proposition Questionnaire

We want to learn more about your organization and how we may work together

Canada will apply the Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy to the Canadarm3 program as part of its sourcing initiative. The ITB Policy is Canada’s main tool for leveraging economic benefits from major Crown procurements by requiring Contractors to undertake business activities in Canada equal to the contract value. Through the ITB Value Proposition (VP) Canada will ensure that Canada’s significant investment in Canadarm3 supports the long-term sustainability and growth of Canada’s space industry.

Please reference the following link for general information on the ITB Policy: 

Link to ITB Policy  

Please note that organizations will not be excluded from consideration based on size or location, and all interested in participating in the Canadarm3 program are requested to complete this questionnaire.

With respect to the requirements of the ITB Policy, in order to assist MDA in evaluating your Company’s suitability for supporting this initiative, MDA requests your Company to complete the following questionnaire.


Preparation of Offline Material


Note that the second question requests information that would best be captured in a separate summary file; and as such, you will be requested to upload a prepared file.

We are very much interested to learn more about your organization; including how it is structured, its worldwide corporate operations, corporate family structure, as well as locations of key responsibility centres (e.g. headquarters, manufacturing, service centres, R&D, marketing, etc.).

Of particular interest is a listing of your Company’s existing Canadian facilities, including the location, date of establishment, nature of operations, number of employees, and place within the worldwide corporate structure.

For each location, provide:

Postal Code:


Access to the questionnaire : https://www.surveymonkey.ca/r/MDAJan14IndustryDay