18 novembre 2022 | Local, Fabrication avancée 4.0

Canadian start-up JITbase among Hexagon's second Sixth Sense cohort - Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Eight innovative manufacturing start-ups from across the globe are part of Hexagon's second cohort of the Sixth Sense open innovation platform.


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  • BIND 4.0 International Open Call for Startups

    9 mai 2022

    BIND 4.0 International Open Call for Startups

    The BIND 4.0 International Open Call for Startups to apply for the chance to put innovation into action with paid contracts with industry leaders, will be accepting applications from July 8 - September 9, 2022! We Work With: Young companies worldwide developing solutions that can be applied to the Intelligent Industry, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Health Tech and/or Food Tech sectors for our Corporate Partners based in the Basque Country, Spain. The technologies of interest are wide ranging and not limited to: AI, Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics, IOT/IIOT, Smart Energy, AR/VR, Machine or Artificial Vision, Collaborative Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Biobased Solutions, Clean Tech, New Materials, NanoTech, Medical Devices, Smart Sensors, etc. Why BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program? BIND 4.0 is a government sponsored initiative with 6 years of proven track record accelerating over 160 International Startups and catalyzing countless business opportunities. 45K: Average Contract Amount 80+ Big Name Reference Clients 7M Euros in Turnover so far Zero Equity taken & No Fee to participate If you are a Startup developing groundbreaking solutions we invite you to get in touch with us today to join our Global Startup Network and get notified when the 7th edition Launches. Key Details: Startup Open Call, Accepting Applications July 8 - Sep 9, 2022 BIND 4.0 Webinar Presentation with Alumni July 28, 2022 BIND 4.0 Webinar Presentation with Alumni Aug 30, 2022 BIND 4.0 2022 Program Brochure 2022 Brochure Submit applications & find more resources www.BIND40.com Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you,

  • NRC COVID-19 response

    27 mars 2020

    NRC COVID-19 response

    The Government of Canada is taking strong and quick action to protect our economy, and the health and safety of all Canadians during this global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We are working with our partners as part of the collective effort to help find solutions to the COVID-19 outbreak: 1. The COVID-19 Challenges Procurement Program: NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program and Innovative Solutions Canada Purpose: This program will post challenges seeking near-to-market solutions from small and medium-sized businesses (fewer than 500 staff) that need financial support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to refine and sell their product or solution to meet a COVID-19 related need. NRC IRAP works with roughly 8,000 small and medium-sized businesses every year through its cross-Canada network of 255 industrial technology advisors and provides over $300 million in support to more than 3,000 technology development projects annually Through this initiative, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and Health Canada (HC) will establish a number of challenges corresponding to needs of health providers to deal with COVID-19 NRC IRAP will partner with Innovative Solutions Canada to launch calls for proposals over the next few weeks to address challenges, fund development of solutions, and buy successful products and services needed to address COVID-19 Together, NRC IRAP and Innovative Solutions Canada will: post the PHAC and HC challenges (Innovative Solutions Canada) award Phase 1 funding to successful small and medium-sized businesses to develop a proof of concept for their solution (NRC IRAP) award Phase 2 funding to the firms with the best concepts so they can develop a working prototype (NRC IRAP) The NRC, PHAC, HC or another federal department or agency will then be able purchase the product for use against COVID-19. Innovative Solutions Canada already has challenges in development, which they will begin posting to their website in the coming days. These will continue as PHAC, HC, and health care providers request new topics. Companies with promising technology relevant to the COVID-19 challenges can register their technology or product by clicking on the Register button below. Register 2. The Pandemic Response Challenge Program: National Research Council of Canada Purpose: This program will build teams to address challenges requiring further research and development for solutions to meet COVID-19 related needs. The NRC will build these teams drawing on internal-to-government capacity and academic researchers who register using the button below to indicate their interest, and related areas of expertise and capabilities. The NRC will receive $15M to form dedicated teams to address challenges in the areas of greatest research and development (R&D) need in the fight against COVID-19. The NRC Pandemic Response Challenge Program will accelerate the development of diagnostics and medical countermeasures for a rapid front-line response to protect and treat Canadians. This national vehicle will convene the best Canadian and international researchers from academia and small and medium-sized businesses to collectively accelerate R&D to address specific COVID-19 gaps and challenges as identified by Canadian health experts. The Pandemic Response Challenge Program is currently structured around 3 main research areas: Rapid detection and diagnosis Therapeutics and vaccine development and Digital health. Researchers at Canadian and international universities, government departments, colleges, and highly innovative firms with relevant expertise can now register their interest to work with us on these challenges by clicking the Register button below. Funding is available to help cover the costs of research for academic institutions, small and medium-sized businesses, and other eligible recipients participating in the challenge teams. Over the coming weeks, we will post the specific R&D challenges, send information to registered researchers, and invite them to indicate the expertise and capabilities they can bring to a team. Register 3. Biomanufacturing capacity at Royalmount: NRC Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre Purpose: This initiative will result in a Good Manufacturing Practices platform to develop and scale up COVID-19 Canadian vaccine and therapy candidates. The NRC Biomanufacturing facility, located in the NRC's Royalmount Avenue building in Montréal, is used to develop and scale up processes to produce biological medicines and is managed by the Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre. As part of its development capacity, the facility is equipped with pilot-scale bioreactors (200 L and 500 L), which will be operationally available to produce up to 100,000 doses of vaccine per month within 6 months once a vaccine suitable for front-line responders is available. A $15 million investment will fund the certification of the facility for Good Manufacturing Practices compliance, and will enable production of material that will be used in humans, particularly for vaccines or therapeutics. This certification can also greatly increase the capacity for candidate vaccines or therapeutics to be quickly rolled out and clinically tested, particularly those originating from Canada. The work to refine and certify quality systems at the facility will include: bringing the existing facility to regulatory standards, installing equipment to expand capacity, and managing information. Once certified, this facility will be able to accelerate the scale-up production and testing of various types of vaccine candidates in the context of the current COVID-19 outbreak, including protein-based, viral vector-based, and antibody-based products. https://nrc.canada.ca/en/research-development/research-collaboration/nrc-covid-19-response

  • Le regroupement d’assurance collective d'Aéro Montréal : un franc succès ! ✈️

    4 juin 2021

    Le regroupement d’assurance collective d'Aéro Montréal : un franc succès ! ✈️

    Visualiser en ligne Le regroupement d'assurance collective d'Aéro Montréal : un franc succès ! Chers membres, Nous sommes conscients que le contexte actuel est très difficile et ce particulièrement pour notre industrie. C'est pourquoi nous prenons ce moment pour vous rappeler que vous avez accès à un regroupement d'assurance collective en tant que membres Aéro Montréal. Le regroupement d'assurance collective lancé par Aéro Montréal avec la collaboration d'AGA assurances collectives connait un franc succès. En misant sur la force du nombre, notre objectif est de vous faire bénéficier d'économies d'échelle : Une réduction des frais d'administration, qui assure une diminution du coût pour vous et vos employés La possibilité d'offrir de meilleures garanties Un accès gratuit à des services cliniques virtuels durant 12 mois avec la plateforme EQCare Les avantages sont nombreux : accès à des protections et services additionnels, réduction des primes et garantie de taux prolongée, etc. Au total le regroupement représente : 17 entreprises représentant environ 1500 assurés Des économies entre 10% et 25% Une garantie de taux allant jusqu'à 3 ans Une diminution des réclamations de médicaments Vous pouvez vous aussi faire profiter votre entreprise et vos employés des services de notre fournisseur, vous n'avez qu'à laisser vos informations en cliquant sur le bouton suivant et notre représentant d'AGA vous contactera sous peu. EN SAVOIR PLUS Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à contacter Béatrice Perier Agostini, Directrice, Relève et main-d'œuvre, Aéro Montréal. Nos partenaires : 380, rue Saint-Antoine Ouest Bureau 3120 Montréal, QC, H2Y 3X7 Téléphone : (514) 987-9330 ENVOYER À UN AMI SITE WEB

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